Pommier's history

POMMIER's history starts in 1946, as Xavier Pommier opens a general&agricultural workshop in the village of Viabon, France.

1964: The then 15 years old son of Xavier, Guy, joins the family's company next to his father as a mecanic trainee. The company then counts 4 employees.

1973: Creation of the company SCEBP POMMIER.

With the help of a local farmer, Guy Pommier builds transborders with a capacity of 681 to 1816 Gallons, as well as "Transvac" transborders of 1135 to 2270 Gallons. 1300 units will be built until 2003, when the production stopped. Guy Pommier engineers other products such as the "Phyto bineuse", a row crop cultivateur, and a land rollers tillage, all with the precious help of some farmers.                      

1980: Construction outside the village of a 9200 sq ft industrial building dedicated to the manufacturing of agricultural products.

1986: Our first sprayer boom comes out of our workshop: 80 ft long, it was put up on a Bobar self-propulsed sprayer.

1988: Pommier builds a 120 ft boom.

1990: Other agricultural machines manufacturers decide to equip their spayers with aluminum booms, among them Delvano, Landquip, Spracoupe and Hardi Evrard.

1995: Our workshops put together a 160 ft sprayer boom.

2005: The research departments designs a 166 ft boom.

2006: The Pommier company celebrates its 12 000th sprayer boom as it becomes the World Leader in the aluminum boom sector.

2008: The boom production is in full swing: 1700 booms were built this year.

2009: Design of a 3 folds boom, 90 to 160 ft, called the B3 boom.

2010: Pommier launches the "Hybrid", a carried sprayer 990 to 1650 Gallons.

2012:  - Commercialization of the booms for the first time in Australia, put on Hardi sprayers.

             - Enlargment of the facilities and creation of a new painting room.

2013: Launch of the VPA boom: a small structure boom composed of 3 to 5 sections for a length of 70 to 100 ft.

2014: The 24.000th boom comes out of our workshop.

2016: The company celebrates the 30th anniversary of its aluminum booms production and the opening in the USA of its first subsidiary: Pommier America.

2017: The first 170ft 3 folds boom has been sold and installed in Canada.

2018: Production of the first 2 folds and 3 folds 180ft booms for the Australian market

2019: - Pommier builds its 30.000th boom.

           - Laucnh of the GreenPro SP: a spraying unit for turfs and green spaces adaptable on any utility vehicle.

           - First booms produced by Pommier America in Leland, IL USA.


Our facilities in Leland, Illinois

Enlargement of our french facilities over time.

Our Viabon building counts as of today 130.000 sq ft of covered area.